Le Voyage de l’Oiseau Soleil


Designed for visually impaired children, this book unfolds a blind bird’s quest for its rainbow. Through layered cut-out-paper illustrations, readers are invited to “read” through touch, as shapes and colors evolve, mirroring the rainbow’s hues, and tactile interactions weave this expedition tale.

Children’s Book

This project posed the challenge of reimagining storytelling through tactile illustrations, offering visually impaired children a fresh perspective on image interpretation. Each texture and shape was meticulously chosen to create visuals accessible. The goal extended to provide a rich, multi-sensory reading adventure that bridges the visual-tactile gap.

Using layered cutout paper, each illustration balances stark black-and-white contrasts with the vibrant hues of each chapter’s corresponding color. The simplicity of shapes ensures clear recognition of characters while evolving alongside the narrative’s emotional arc. Each image serves not only to visually engage but also to evoke a poetic rhythm through tactile exploration.

Comprising a cover case, a text booklet, and 12 booklets of layered illustrations, this book is divided into 7 chapters, each representing a hue of the rainbow, with an epilogue to conclude. Braille and printed typography adhere to specific guidelines, facilitating comprehension and ease of reading.

“Le Voyage de l’Oiseau Soleil” underscores the vital role of inclusivity in children’s literature. By challenging conventional perceptions of image comprehension, this project advocates for a more accessible and inclusive approach to storytelling, igniting a path toward transformative design practices within the publishing realm.

Based on an original story by Siziana Reiser